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Sensor Network

Realtime Data


With the goal of supporting users, sensor data is published in near real-time and has not been fully quality controlled. Before using this data for analysis, please contact to request any information that might be relevant to your objectives.

Hakai maintains a growing sensor network, consisting of meteorological stations, terrestrial sensor nodes and stream sensor nodes. Read more about the sensor network here. Data from many of these sensor nodes is available in near real-time, and can be found at

Using the quick-link buttons found on the main data file page, seen in the image below, you can quickly filter the list to only include the files are you most interested in viewing.  Clicking on the link in the Data file column will bring you to a page where you can view and download sensor data.

The following data files may be particularly interesting, depending on your interests.

Sensor network

Standalone Sensor Data

Hakai maintains a large number of standalone sensors that are not accessible in real-time.  In general, data from standalone sensors is not accessible using the sensor network data portal listed above.  Here are some quick-links to access data from some of the Hakai standalone sensors (login required):