EIMS Overview

The Hakai Ecological Information Management System (Hakai EIMS) securely stores and shares research information associated with Hakai Beach Institute.

Information Managed by the Hakai EIMS

  • Spatial data is managed in the Hakai ArcGIS Online account
  • Sensor station data automatically acquired using Campbell Scientific data loggers and downloaded, analyzed and published online using custom tools that leverage the Google Visualization APIs
  • Raw and processed marine data associated with marine samples taken nearby Calvert and Quadra
  • Raw and processed lab results
  • Geo referenced field data
  • Geo and non-geo referenced field data acquired by field teams
  • Geo referenced images acquired during field studies (e.g. these images acquired by Ian)
  • Geo referenced images acquired at fixed position motion-triggered cameras on Calvert Island (AKA wolf cameras)
  • Geo referenced images acquired at fixed position time-triggered cameras, most frequently co-located with primary atmospheric sensor stations
  • Raw and processed large scale LiDAR data, acquired using plane/helicopter mounted instrumentation
  • Raw and processed small scale LiDAR data, acquired using ground-based instrumentation
  • Raw and processed SONAR data

Hakai EIMS Major Components (Sub-systems)

  • Hakai ArcGIS Online account
  • Online document storage (Google Drive)
  • Network storage on Calvert Island LAN
  • Network storage on Quadra Island LAN
  • Laptops, desktops, USB drives, etc. (ad hoc)
  • Wunderground, where a subset of raw sensor station data is publish for public access

The set of Hakai EIMS sub-systems will continue to expand over time, and may eventually include a Drupal Ecological Information Management System being developed and used by a number of US and international LTERs. This article includes additional information about the evolving DEIMS solution.

Additional, commercial EIMS solutions like EarthSoft will be evaluated as a potential component of the long term Hakai EIMS solution.

References (Additional Reading)