Data Provider Documentation

Hakai Data Mobilization Strategy

At Hakai, we view data mobilization as the process of making data available for appropriate reuse. Whether reuse of data is appropriate depends on whether the user has enough information to understand the context and methods of data collection, limitations to data interpretation and the considerations under which data reuse is permitted or licensed. The Hakai Institute is committed to ensuring that data generated by or in collaboration with Hakai researchers is made available to the broader science community, where legal and ethical considerations allow, as detailed by the Hakai Open Science Data Policy.  Foremost, we apply the CARE principles for Indigenous Data Governance and the First Nations Principles of OCAP, and where possible the FAIR Data Principles, while respecting and retaining intellectual property policies of projects and participants. 

In practice, mobilizing Hakai data constitutes 1) creating a Data Management Plan; 2) publishing data to appropriate repositories; 3) publishing metadata records to the Hakai Institute Data Catalogue. 

Data Mobilization Recommended Practices: