Data Provider Documentation

Hakai Data Mobilization Strategy

The Hakai Institute is committed to ensuring that all data generated by or in collaboration with Hakai researchers is made available to the broader science community as detailed by the Hakai Open Science Data Policy. An essential component of effective collaboration and data discovery is ensuring that data adhere to the FAIR Data Principles: data should be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. Mobilizing Hakai data boils down to 1) creating a Data Management Plan; 2) publishing a data to appropriate repositories; 3) publishing metadata records to the Hakai Institute Data Catalogue

Data Mobilization Recommended Practices:

  1. Create a Data Mobilization Plan at to lay out your Project or Program’s data management (and publishing) plan by identifying where and how datasets will be stored, shared, accessed, published, and expectations and responsibilities of those involved. The Tula Foundation is an affiliation listed with DMPTool and you can create an account under this institution to view existing Hakai DMP templates.

  2. Publish a data package to the Hakai GitHub Repository, and where possible publish data to an open-access, domain-specific, standardized repository.

  3. Submit a metadata record to the Hakai Data Catalogue using the metadata intake form, which includes a section to provide a link to download the data package(s) wherever they are hosted. Work with the catalogue team ( to publish and review metadata.