Hakai uses ISO 19115 as our metadata standard, matching NOAA, the US Federal Government and many other governments and research agencies.  

The following list is a subset of data packages found in the Hakai Metadata Catalog.

Geospatial Data Packages

Gonzalez Arriola S., G. W. Frazer and I. Giesbrecht. 2015. LiDAR-derived Watersheds and their Metrics for Calvert Island

Gonzalez Arriola S., K. Holmes., J. Eamer and K. Abhar 2014. 2012, 0.25m resolution, Orthophotos Lightweight Mosaic for Calvert Island

Additional Research Data Packages
Many of our data packages are not yet ready for public distribution.  To access additional data, please use the contact information found in one or our research area summaries at http://www.hakai.org/research or contact data@hakai.org.